We deliver configurable images in real-time.

2D layerbased, 3D streaming or 3D on-demand images.

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See our image engine in action as used by leading car manufacturers. Imagic Grafik offers the fastest and most sophisticated image compositing software.

  • 40+ points of view
  • 1000+ layers per pov
  • Depth compositing
  • Smart image caching
  • Car-colorization
  • Optimized image formats
  • Scripting

On-Demand Configurator using 3D real-time

The demo shows a configurator without layer production.

Try the demo.

We allow for seamless transition from layer-production to on-demand renderings.
Our software applies the same vehicle logic, allowing our clients to chose the best option and time to transition. Since most vehicles are manufactured over several years, IRIS servers allow for an overlap. This means, you can easily phase out layer-production with older models, while already using on-demand services within the same servers.

You can try the demo here.

Automotive Streaming Configurator

Stream your car configuration directly to your website.

Build your own car configurator

Our server software allows you to host your own configurator.

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The same 3D-data can be used to set up 2D layers, 3D on-demand images or 3D streaming. In this way, you save costs and everything is set up for an easy transition. You can go even further. Use your configurator data to also render videos. Vehicles are always. fully configurable.

Imagic Grafik offers ONE system for all purposes. This does not only save initial costs, but also with every model update.