We deliver configurable images in real-time.

Our image compositing engine is widely used in the automotive industries. Perfectly suited for online car configurators.
BMW Individual Demo
Individual Colors
Interior Z-based
Depth Information & Spehric Views
Photorealistic Exterior
Chrysler Interior
Special View & 4K Image

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See our image engine in action as used by leading car manufacturers. Imagic Grafik offers the fastest and most sophisticated image compositing software.

  • 40+ points of view
  • 1000+ layers per pov
  • Depth compositing
  • Smart image caching
  • Car-colorization
  • Optimized image formats
  • Scripting

Build your own car configurator

Our server software allows you to host your own configurator.

The software is fast enough to generate Full-HD images in less than a second.  All you need to do is request an image with the configuration parameters.  A server-side script will analyse the parameters and build an image accordingly.

The compositing engine is optimized but not limited to the automotive industries.  If you are interested in a smaller solution, Slidebaker might be the platform you are looking for.

Of course you can resize images in real-time, clip or zoom areas.  You can chose between JPG or PNG.  JPG is generally perfered as it is faster and smaller in size.  However, if transparancy is needed, you can always opt for PNG.



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